First and foremost, I like to draw. Old fashioned illustration on plain paper with graphite and ink is simple, but effective, and I’ve taken this further to illustrating directly on the drawing tablet and using the computer. From the classical naturalistc such as figure study to more current popular illustration styles, drawing is easily the most immedate and direct way to get my thoughts out on paper. Those little cartoons I would sketch on notebook paper back during class in elementary school weren’t all that different from the little cartoons I sketch now.

Beyond illustration I’ve found enjoyment working with digital programs both on my traditional art and with visual and graphic design, basic flash animation, and web design. Whether digital or traditional, I find that all these are worthy tools for my techniques, and try to expand my skill in these different forms of media as much as I can. Recently I’ve acquired a camera so that I can work on the basics of photography as well as digital painting.

I’ve worked my way through college with both a Bachelor in Fine arts focused on illustration, alongside a Bachelor’s in History, suiting my interest in stories and events well. I’ve placed in several contests through the years, including the annual student art show at the University of Michigan – Flint, and the Flint Journal Write an Editorial/Design a Cartoon contest where, the following year, I illustrated the cover for the newspaper insert.

My influences include the traditional such as Michelangelo, a man who had to branch out of his medium but did so brilliantly, to the less traditional, including children’s book illustrators, animators, and authors and story-writers of all types.

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  1. Chris Withey Reply

    Howdy. You came highly recommended by Jeffery Christena and Co. as we sat around immersing ourselves in a session of his homebrew Prodigous game. He was quick to show off your work from his ‘PAC’ (Man)–an assortment of art from all of the talented artists he knows. He seems to surround himself with talented people–not sure why he keeps me around. Har, har.
    Which brings me here, saying howdy. While I haven’t the means or interest just yet to try my hand and hand drawings, if so interested, you could explore the other medias that I have dabbled in, including a fully playable game at http://game.cawithey.com, or the only proof thus far of my capabilities as a writer: http://www.melange-books.com/authors/cawithey/savagery.html. The cover art was a commission piece done years ago by another talented artist, whose name escapes me. I believe it was a painted piece–I thought you might be interested in taking a look at it.
    But that’s really all I wanted to say. Jeffrey talked you up quite a bit, and you seemed like an interesting person, so I wanted to introduce myself and get in two cents worth. Maybe you’ll join us for a game sometime?
    Thanks for reading,


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